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creative pilgrimage

Creative Pilgrimage days offer bite sized artistic dives into the essence of pilgrimage.

These days offer a sense of the special connection between pilgrims – a chance to connect with others in a creative context, as well as with the pilgrimage route and landscape itself.

In 2022, four artists, of which I was one, undertook a Creative Camino – the first modern pilgrimage along the full 160km walking route from Ferns to St Davids. 

We observed how creativity was a tool for deeper experience for members of the group. We all experienced in our different specialisms of how creative approaches can enable transformative experience. Part of that experience for us on the Wexford-Pembrokeshire way was the community, connection and the friendship bonds that were formed in the group over the 8 days walking.

This mini-pilgrimage day gives us the opportunity to share with you the practice we developed along our route.