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re-member (2004, 2014,…)

a solo performance in three parts  by ailsa richardson, video created in collaboration with video artist Mel Shearsmith

performed at Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Dublin Fringe Festival, Towards Tomorrow International Conference, Articulate Practitioner International Conference, Small World Theatre; with support from Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Arts Council of Wales, Centre for Performance Research and Holy Hiatus.

re-member (3) integrates live action, sound, and video at remote and abandoned locations in West Wales.  What does it mean to lose another, one’s place in the world, one’s identity?  Powerful and moving visual imagery revealing conflicts between memory and experience, past and present, nostalgia and nightmare.

when we re-member we re-collect, put things back together 

a re-membering follows a dis-membering

after a loss we put our selves and our bodies back together in a new and different alignment

our re-membering defines us

the definition is up to us

infinite in possibility

re-member (3) a reprise, is a re making of the live element 10 years on which was performed with the original video/soundtrack and commissioned as part of a weekend workshop on dying well, Death – the Cradle of your love of Life, with Stephen Jenkinson, produced by Holy Hiatus, Nov 2014

what the critics say

“Richardson…physicalises struggles that are invisible yet unquestionably real.” (Western Mail)

“..striking, touching, rare” (Programmer)

sensitive, reflective … long-limbed.., Richardson gracefully interacted with a celluloid previous self – dance bridges time, fills gaps of memory. (Irish Times)