1 bloy street (1997)

in 1997, five artists took up a residency in 1 Bloy St. Bristol – a condemned house on a condemned street – with the intention to make a performance. we worked by flashlight, in dark evenings behind eerily shuttered windows – it is freezing cold. we don costumes and play with dolls. we create acrobalances and hear a text spoken from the dark of another room. sometimes we write texts and share them in spattered sunlight. spring is coming and the abandoned gardens reveal hollyhocks, a shed full of aquariums and a house along the block infested with fleas. it feels anarchic and very convivial – we become a family, fictionally and otherwise. we are a family of children abandoned. we are also a company. we find a name –  by word of mouth.

other artists join us to make installations and we have a makeshift kitchen, a kettle and a video camera. 2 weeks before we are due to show our performance Molly leaves abruptly. life was too much, too busy. the performance couldn’t function without Molly and our performance material became transformed into installations  shown over a weekend open house in the summer. here you see details from my installations – entitled Dan Jenny Sally Molly and Dolly and  Precious 7 layers