about me

I am an artist, performer and facilitator.  

As an artist, at any one time the media I work with change and co-exist in different combinations. Currently I primarily work with creative (secular) pilgrimage and printmaking, mostly as separate practices, and also connected by the North Pembrokeshire landscape where I was raised, and currently live.

My multidisciplinary performances respond to environment and place and are often performed outdoors. I am an experienced and intuitive director and facilitator and run a workshop programme called wildfeet working with people in nature. Creating new models for change, alongside supporting and engaging people who are often marginalised, is an ongoing concern in my life and practice.

I am a facilitator of creativity, collaboration and change in the form of workshop programmes, performances, events and dialogues. 

I create safe spaces for people to explore, nourish and be valued for who they are and what they bring. I aim to give a balance of lively investigation and ongoing sustenance for participants. My facilitation and teaching is often described as gentle and strong with a clarity of expression and flexibility to intuitively respond and change direction when necessary. I have spent much of my training and artistic practice honing an embodied sensitivity to relationships between place, time, materials and processes. This includes elements of shamanic practice, ritual and healing.

My work takes many forms and has led to solo projects and work with theatre/dance companies (as director and performer), in universities (as teacher and researcher) museums, hospitals, care homes and with the School of Movement Medicine.

I have recently been exploring the idea of the Creative Camino by incorporating elements of wildfeet, poetry and song along pilgrimage routes in Wales and Ireland (with support from Ancient Connections and Waterford Camino Tours).

The lampshades combine vibrant colour contrast, subtle texture and fragments of text and poetry in Cymraeg. The designs have grown out of observation, drawing and writing in the landscape in different seasons and weathers. I returned to printmaking after a long break and found a satisfying outlet for my sketchbook drawings and colour collections in the form of printing and stencilling onto textiles. The shades are either bespoke or in very small print runs – this keeps a flexibility to change designs and colours regularly. I like that they are a functional artwork that bring some of the season and weather into a domestic space.